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How and when should I clean my cigarette holder or bitchstick?
Clean your holder when the flavour quality of the draw lessens.   For routine cleaning, a dry polishing wand is sufficient.  For 'sweetening', a wand dampened with our sweetening solution is perfect, but do be sure to let it air dry thoroughly before the next use.  Occasionally, a customer will bring us a holder so far beyond 'routine cleaning' that we suggest a dishwashing detergent and baking soda paste, rinsed with a vinegar solution and followed with a routine cleaning and a sweetening.  Ordinary care will prevent this unpleasantness entirely.

I don't smoke 'standard size' cigarettes.  Which holder is best for my cigarette?
Cigarette holders were originally fashioned to hold unfiltered cigarettes, or handrolled ones.  The modern cigarette, with its filtered tip and variable diameter, seldom fits vintage or antique holders perfectly.  (These can be adapted, though the market value of the antiquity is lost, see below.)  Modern cigarette holders hold the vast majority of cigarettes without any modification, the exception being the slim and super slim varieties.  We do offer several Slim Cigarette Holders in the appropriate size for these cigarettes.

Can I modify my cigarette holder to hold slimmer cigarettes?
The shortest answer is "Yes", but it's trick-sy.  (Email us for suggestions.)